About Marilyn and her love for painting...

Why do I love to paint?


Various forms of art have always been an important part daily life.

I painted my first water color on a single sheet of ordinary typing paper after watching Bob Ross on television back in the early 1980’s. I delighted in the magic that happened on that simple piece of paper as wet color spread out and turned into thin pale lines as it dried. I don’t recall the reason for not painting more, but over the years I found myself stopping countless times to look at that little watercolor hanging on my wall, remembering how good it made me feel to create it and how much enjoyment it gives me-- still. 

A short time before I retired I rediscovered my art brushes, and soon thereafter, stumbled upon digital art.  The whole process of changing my paintbrush out for a stylus and complicated software was daunting to say the least, but the hair-pulling was all worth it when I read the positive and sincere reactions to my artwork. The ability to create something that brings a smile to another human face is nothing less than awesome! Thank you. Painting has given my life new direction and an extraordinary source of expression.

~Marilyn Cullingford

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